Sunday, February 2, 2014

the thirtieth

DONG DONG QIANG! Happy Chinese New Year! Here are pictures from Chinatown in Singapore. The amount of people was absolutely astounding. Can't imagine navigating through the pile of... individuals...

A shop selling stuff before the new year

A blind busker playing very nice tunes, located just outside the train station.

Chinese calligraphy.... A dying art..

Remember how I said that there were tons of people... well, ta-da!

Now this was absolutely... astounding... Naturally, the dogs were less entertained than the people taking photos.

The same location taken at three different heights.

Figured I'd have some human interaction in my photographs. Here's a family.. doing a selfie.. with a man clearly waiting for someone... or getting lost.

A couple doing a selfie.. how I wish to be young again..

A couple wanting their picture taken. They look like tourists. 

Chinatown with the horses and the gold coins.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

the twenty ninth

My cousin and his partner came to Singapore over the Christmas period, so I suggested going to Gardens by the Bay (face it, its actually a pretty good tourist attraction) And I was their personal photographer for that day. Below are some of the shots...

This shot is his current FB profile pic! Clearly I'm doing something right!

And yes folks, you're reading that right... he works for Blizzard =)

Figured I would take photos of those flowers again.

There's actually a gel-like substance in the flower!

These two photos were taken atop the OCBC skywalk. .... It was somewhat frightening, since the bridge was suspended but cables... yes.. cables.. I wonder what is the insurance premium on that bridge. Its actually a pretty good view from above.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

the twenty eighth.

One of the reasons I went to Bangkok was because it was a good opportunity to see what the political fuss was all about. Although one could find various photographs around the net, I figured it was a good way to see whether I could try 'covering' an event. 

Suthep speaking at the rally. Yes, there were tons of people. I was told that there were three camps that were gathering. This picture was camp 1, the one with the main stage. Upon estimation, I could count approximately a few hundred thousand people gathered in close proximity to camp 1. At camp 1, it was peaceful. No problems.

There were shops selling stuff by the side, ranging from food stuff to t-shirts and whistles.

Still part of camp 1, see the tents? People were camping out and listening to Suthep

I found this photo while walking around the camps. So far, the most outspoken tent of all.

More camps and people looking at the TV screen. The following two pictures were of two separate groups. There were tons of such groups scattered around camps 1 and 2.

Yes, people slept here. On the cloth, and plastic sheets.

In support for Shutdown Bangkok! Every other shop sold shirts like these.

I was told that these girls were from a university selling shirts to passer-bys. They were all volunteers and not earning a wage for it.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

the twenty seventh

So I went to Bangkok last weekend. Not much protesting going on.

The entrance of the park.

A model shoot at the park.

There were tons of lizards! And these lizards were roaming around like they owned the place. So many of them.

A gym at the park. The gear is old....