Sunday, August 3, 2014

the thirty fourth

Today, I decided to take a walk around Sydney's most iconic landmark - the Opera House. For more information about the opera house, you can kindly direct yourself to their website =) Within this walk around, there were a lot of opportunities for pattern type pictures, and a section will be dedicated to the patterns of the Opera House.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon with the sun beating down on the waves and presented very good contrast to the building. Aussies (and tourists) took to the elegant Opera House and made a day out of it.

Looking through the glass.

And now comes the patterns, tons of them. I didn't realise that the Opera House was made of tiles on the outside. It felt like marble.  Patterns, patterns and more patterns....

And more...

After a walk around and the pictures, this seagull decided to keep me company... Either that or it wanted my beer. 

And the entertainment from the bar below the Opera House - called Opera Bar. He started his first set with 'Ain't No Sunshine' and it was amazing..

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

the thirty third

So last weekend, I went to the Aroma festival in Sydney. This festival highlights the coffee culture within the city and showcases the gourmet coffee brewsters and their roasts. 

A view from atop the Shangri La Sydney

The Rocks at the Aroma festival. It was real crowded.

A man and his foto-box. What this guy does is that he goes around at events and he gives away pictures for free. Don't know whether he has a website though. FYI, this is not a marketing gimmick for him, and should he request me to take down this picture, I will.

So this was the photo that came out of the box. I think it looks pretty good actually. Its free and gives memories. 

Just a few baristas and their love for the art. 

I bet this guy knew I was taking a photo of him.

So I proposed this weekend to this wonderful girl. A couple of head shots of her at the Aroma festival, sporting a sparkling gift...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

the thirty second

Part two continues... 

The following are various photos from Tempus Two. Their wine is quite decent. Although I'm not a wine connoisseur (I just love drinking), their Gewurztraminer and Cabernet Sauvignon is pretty darn good. And I don't get paid by them to advertise.

Now, this vineyard, Tulloch, is amazing.. I always spend too much money when I shop there. Get the Verscato. I think I bought 4 bottles from them this time round.

This place sounds like 'whore house'. Establishment is located in Maitland. An interesting suburb around the Hunter Valley region. 

A couple walking down the streets of Maitland.

This shot was taken by sudden. There was no posing done. He looks like a Bollywood star. 

Oh lookie! flowers!

One of the only bottles I bought without even looking at the price. I was half drunk too.

A view from Peterson's vineyard. I never fail to come here whenever taking the trip up. The view is absolutely breathtaking. Sometimes wish that I had a proper wide angle lens. 

Beauty upon beauty...

Monday, June 30, 2014

the thirty first

Wow. It has been approximately four-five months since my last post.

The thirty first will be of my trip to Hunter Valley over the weekend. Will post the pictures in two sets. Part 1!

So there was a traffic jam on the way to the Hunter... so what did I do? Take pictures.

Here are some cliff patterns..

and more cliff patterns.. what makes these anyway... erosion? 

This guy stopped to give a smile and a wave. If anyone knows him, please pass on this picture to him. I believe he's Australian.

The cause of the jam! Looks serious...


Woah... what could cause this?

And finally...

And here we are! First stop.. a lunch at Esca Restaurant.

Awww a lovely rainbow from where we were sitting.

Frontal picture of Esca/Bimbadgen.

One of my favourite vineyards. A friend of mine said that the wines produced looked like it was made in test tubes. 

Part two coming soon!